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cPanel Partner & Distributor

JaguarPC ™ is an official distributor for cPanel, Inc. With cPanel and
WebHost Manager (WHM), you and your clients can easily control of every aspect of your hosting accounts.


Get cpanel licenses up to 23% Discount

JaguarPC ™ is an official distributor for cPanel, Inc. With cPanel and WebHost Manager (WHM), you and your clients can easily control of every aspect of your hosting accounts.


Supported Operating Systems i386 and x86-64 ONLY

  • Vs Godaddy


    6.5 and Later

  • Vs Hostgator

    RedHat Enterprise Linux

    6 and 7

  • Vs Hostgator

    Amazon Web Services

    Official AMI only

  • Vs A2Hosting

    Vs A2Hosting


  • Vs Rackspace

    Vs Rackspace


  • Vs DigitalOcean

    Vs DigitalOcean



WHM / cPanel

WebHost Manager (WHM) is the server administration interface which allows you to control and monitor your server from a easy to use web interface. cPanel allows domain owners to manage and monitor their web site. This easy to use interface is packed full of useful features.

  • Unlimited Domains per Server!
  • Complete Server Administration Interface!
  • Fully Featured Domain Owner Interface!
  • Free GameServers!
  • Separate Server Administrator, Reseller and Domain Owner access!
  • Free Language Support!
  • Free Virus Scanner!


What do our Customers think of Us

  • Great company with a great support team. They got awesome set of hardwares for servers.

  • Tech and sales are great guys!

  • Great hosting and consistently *excellent* support.

  • Carol in billing was wonderful.

  • I've been a continuously happy client for 15 years.Thanks for the great service!

  • They are polite and very knowledgeable, and again, they have been that way for over a decade.

  • Great value for money, solutions available for all needs, support always available and responsive; you feel like they work for you directly and you're the boss, great attention and polite while providing timely solutions.

  • Their security help saved me a ton of time & heartbreak so THANKS!!!

  • Amazing hosting and excellent service are always available at JaguarPC!

  • They're friendly, knowledgeable, and most helpful. I recommend them without hesitation.

  • They are the best of the best and I cannot put in words on how great this company is and the excellent customer service and support they provide!

  • Excelente y muy rápido servicio al cliente. Excelente compañia. Felicitaciones!! Continuen con el excelente trabajo.

  • The best and professional hosting supplier for our company since 2006. Thanks JaguarPC

  • From a mere reseller account, we now have multiple dedicated and vps accounts with them and I still think we'd be growing more with JaguarPC.

  • Great company and great customer service. I have moved several of the websites I work on to JaguarPC and plan to move a couple more over!

  • An excellent company, dedicated to their customers. I have been with them for over 9 years, and have been very pleased with their services.

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Why WHM/cPanel ?


More value added features

With cPanel and WHM, you can offer your customers all the necessary features to compete in today’s hosting market. The cPanel and WHM package allows you to provide many different hosting packages with a wide range of features, all from one software product!


Easy Administration

It’s never been so easy to manage your servers and the users on them. cPanel and WHM allow you to provide the best possible hosting experience for your customers and not have to be a linux or bsd guru to do it. All the tasks you and your customers need to accomplish are a few clicks away.


Unlimited possibilities

The cPanel and WHM package can adapt to almost any hosting environment. With support for 10 different operating systems, you’re sure to be able to be in a comfortable environment. With options like branding and packages, you can create hosting plans for your customers that show your company logos and provide your customers with the value added features they expect.



cPanel and WHM provide you with easy automation capabilities straight out of the box. Use our remote access API to sign up customers through a web page and automatically create their account. Our open integration allows you to use any of the industry’s many billing and automation solutions to wrap up your hosting business into a complete automated solution.



The cPanel and WHM package is flexible, you’re not tied to a specific solution as our software can be used with many other products to meet your specific needs. With the ability to add in new features and our new cPAddons system, you can provide the features that your customers need. You can even easily integrate your custom applications right into the interface!


Stay Informed

WHM has many notifications available to keep you on top of the workings of your server. Alerts are available by email, instant message, and even sms messaging to keep you informed when services stop and start, accounts are created or terminated and more. You no longer need to monitor what’s going on by logging in, cPanel and WHM will keep you informed, even on the go!

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